phpxmail icons legend

 List of all the icons used in this application

Icons    Meaning    Description  

Helpshows help about feature
Infoshows info about feature
Stopoperation was aborted
Nooperation denied
Yesoperation accepted
Warningnotifies of error
Noticenotifies of possible issue
Onstatus/feature is ok/enabled
Offstatus/feature is not ok/disabled
Reloadgeneric reload icon
Deletegeneric delete icon
Creategeneric add icon
Editgeneric edit icon
Propertiesgeneric manage icon
Checkgeneric OK
Mailgeneric mail icon
Catch-allcatch-all account
Postmasterpostmaster account
Usergeneric user icon
New Usercreate new user
Maillistgeneric mailing list
New Maillistcreate new mailing list
Filterson-line filter icon
Filtersoff-line filter icon
Logsgeneric log icon
Textgeneric see icon